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Will We See Many Solar Powered Cars On Our Roads?

Countries all around the world are keen to lower carbon emissions with a variety of products being made to help the environment and hopefully save people money. In recent years, considerable sums of money have been invested in electric vehicles but we have recently heard of a prototype car being developed that could be powered using solar panels.

Solar panels are being used to power many products.

Sono Motors, based in Germany, has come up with the SION that it is hoping will be available in two models – the EXTENDER and the URBAN. These electric cars are expected to have more than one power source with one of those being by way of solar power.

The EXTENDER is expected to have a range of around 155 miles and the URBAN model a range of 74 miles. They would have a one-speed gearbox and have a maximum speed of about 140 kmh. They would have a 30kWH battery. It is forecast that each car could travel in the region of just over 18 miles a day just by using solar power. Each car would have 6 seats – 3 in the front and 3 in the rear.

Apparently, the company is raising finance through crowd funding.

It will be interesting to see if this project is a success as it would be good to see more uses of solar photovoltaic panel technology. This particular vehicle would have solar panels incorporated on both the top and sides of the vehicle thus giving it every opportunity to capture the sun. From the sound of things, if there was not enough power going to be produced using solar technology then the car could be charged in the usual way enabling it to travel a greater distance than that available just by using solar power. The car could also be used to provide electricity to power other devices when not being used on the road. It is hoped that the car would be available for delivery to the public in 2018.

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