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Will Trump’s Mexican Wall Incorporate Solar Panels?

Donald Trump, who is the President of the United States of America, announced some time ago that he wanted a very long wall built along the Mexican border with the USA. Well, apparently, he has now suggested that solar panels could be placed on the wall.

Donald Trump, President of the United States of America

It has been mentioned by some that the above suggestion seems rather strange from someone who played a part in the United States of America ceasing to be a part of the Paris Climate Agreement that most countries around the world had signed up to some time ago.

Some people are also questioning the feasibility of fixing solar photovoltaic panels to the wall that has yet to be constructed on the border between Mexico and the USA for a number of reasons. It will be interesting to see if the wall ends up being constructed as the cost is no doubt significant and Mr Trump had said that Mexico would have to pay towards its construction but this was not well received by Mexico. Will the United States of America be asking Mexico to contribute towards the cost of the solar panels?

Bearing in mind the length of the border between both countries there would no doubt be an awful lot of solar panels needed and there would also be a considerable cost in completing such a project that would no doubt take quite some time to finish. Some have also questioned how effective the solar panels would be if they were placed flat against the proposed wall as they are normally more productive when fitted at an angle.

It will be interesting to monitor developments over the coming months in respect of the possibility of solar panels being fitted to the wall should it ever be built. Here at Solar Panels UK, we will continue to keep our readers updated about the above.

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