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What Can Solar Panels Be Used For?

As you are no doubt aware, solar panels are used to help generate electricity that is usually used in homes and business premises to provide power for things like lighting, electrical appliances, heating the home and the water. However, over the years, solar photovoltaic panels are being utilised for so many different things.

For instance, solar panels are used in some public car ports around the world where they are placed on roofs above cars so that the electric cars can be charged up. Here in the UK, we are seeing an increase in the number of AFVs (Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles) being registered so there is no doubt a need for more charging points to be available.

If you are a mountaineer or rambler and are walking off the beaten track then a mobile phone is a vital item to have should you get into difficulty perhaps due to having a fall. It is possible to buy a backpack that has a solar panel attached to it that has a mobile phone charger in it enabling you to recharge your phone if required.

If you are a keen gardener then you can buy solar powered lights to place in your garden to provide lighting to make your garden look more attractive or to light up a path. You can buy these in some DIY/garden centres for a reasonable price. You can also buy a pond pump that is powered by solar photovoltaic panels that can be used help pump water up the fountain and down a waterfall.

There will no doubt be a number of other uses for solar panels and over the next few years there will probably be other products that it is discovered solar panels can be used for. This form of renewable energy is obviously of benefit to the environment as it will help lower the level of carbon emissions both here in the UK and in other countries around the world.

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