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West Sussex County Council Install Solar Panels

West Sussex County Council has installed solar panels on one of its Chichester buildings called the Grange Block, in County Hall that it expects will result in a saving of £5,900 per annum. The installation was undertaken by the carbon management team of the council working in partnership with a firm called SSE Contracting.

Solar panels
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The installation costs amounted to £58,000 and it is expected to take up to 7 years to recover those costs. Over the next twenty years it is estimated that the council will reduce their carbon emissions by in excess of 500 tonnes and generate a saving on their energy bills plus receive an income that collectively will total about £220,000. It is also forecast that the 40-kilowatt solar panel system will produce 29,582 kWh of electricity on average each year over the same period.

Michael Brown, who is the Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources, felt that the solar panel installation would save both the County Council and taxpayers a significant sum of money over the 20-year period. In addition, the solar panels will go some way to reducing the council’s carbon footprint.

Like all County Councils throughout the United Kingdom they are keen to be more environmentally friendly as well as improving upon their energy efficiency resulting in considerable financial savings being made.

Apparently, solar panels are already in place on the Northleigh building but this is a smaller solar panel system of 8 kilowatts.

West Sussex County Council are also involved in several other energy efficient projects such as working in partnership with educational establishments such as schools to help improve the energy efficiency of the buildings. Other projects include the upgrade of heating systems, energy efficient lighting, cavity wall and loft insulation and draught proofing.

West Sussex County Council are to be commended for all their work.

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