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Water Company Reaches Significant Solar Power Milestone

It is good news to hear that one of the UK’s utility companies is doing their bit towards reducing carbon emissions in this country and no doubt making significant savings on their electricity bill.

South West Water has progressively been adding solar panels to a number of their sites in the south west of England. For instance, they have installed solar photovoltaic panels in both Woolacombe and Yelland where they have some sewerage treatment plants. Close to Ilfracombe, they have had solar panels installed at Horedown Water Treatment Works. Furthermore, in April 2013, they installed solar panels at four more operational locations in Devon.

A water treatment works
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The largest solar power project so far has been at the sewerage treatment works at Yelland with 150 kW capacity.

South West Water has now reached a commendable significant milestone of having 30 of their sites producing more than one million kilowatt hours of solar powered energy.

The electricity that is being generated as a result of having these solar panels installed will be utilised, for instance, to provide power for the sewerage treatment works. It is expected that savings will be made as less electricity will need to be bought from the national grid plus they will receive monies through the feed in tariff scheme.

James Pearce, who is South West Water’s H5O partnership’s project manager commented that the first series of solar panels were put in place in December 2011 at six locations. In March 2012 a further 17 locations had solar panels fitted. In addition to the solar panels South West Water also have a wind turbine plus biogas and hydroelectric plants.

Perhaps the savings that the company will hopefully make on their electricity bills will be factored in when it comes to review the prices that it sets and charges the consumer for their water supply and sewerage treatment.

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