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USA To Impose Tariffs on Solar Panel Imports

Donald Trump is obviously keen to protect businesses in the USA in respect of the likes of trade and jobs. In an effort to do so with regard to the solar industry it is expected that tariffs are to be introduced relating to solar modules and solar cells.

It is expected that there will be an increase in the tariff on solar modules and solar cells to 30% during year one. In year four this is expected to drop to 15%. Having said that, every year, 2.5 GW of solar cells that have been imported will be allowed into the USA without any tariff being charged.

Unfortunately, this decision will not go down well with the likes of China that has a reputation for exporting large volumes of solar panels and solar cells to other countries around the world. This includes the United States of America.

In the last couple of years or so, as previously mentioned in earlier posts, there has been conflict between the USA and China over the import of the likes of solar panels into the USA. A number of the major solar panel manufacturers in the USA have been concerned about the competition from the likes of China.

It will be interesting to observe what sort of discussions take place between the likes of the USA and China in the coming weeks/months about the intended tariffs being imposed on solar modules and solar cells being imported into the USA.

The import of solar products into the USA has no doubt resulted in tighter margins being imposed by manufacturers in the USA on such products. This could have and may lead to job losses in that country which no doubt has a knock on effect in the country as a whole. As always, we will continue to keep our many readers up to date with the above situation.

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