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UK Cheese Maker Uses 100% Green Energy

Wyke Farms Ltd, based in Somerset, is the UK’s biggest cheese maker that is family owned and has been producing cheese since 1861. They sell over 14,000 tonnes of cheese each year to in excess of 160 countries around the world.

They have invested heavily over the years in renewable energy including the likes of solar photovoltaic panels and biogas. Although initially going down the “green” route was seen as a way of cutting costs the company also see the benefit to the environment.

Wyke Farms Ltd supports renewable energy

The latest scheme to be introduced is a biogas plant that has the capability of turning 75,000 tonnes per annum of biodegradable waste into energy from the likes of cow and pig manure. It has taken 5 years to complete and cost in the region of £4 million,

As a result, the company are now completely self-sufficient as far as generating electricity that is to be used in the business meaning that they are no longer dependent upon fluctuating electricity prices from the normal utility providers. That has to be a huge weight off their shoulders. It is estimated that as much as £1 million per annum will be saved in energy bills and 4 million kilos of carbon dioxide will be saved per annum thus improving the environment. They also have a water re-usage system that is also proving very beneficial to the company.

Apparently, the company also expect to be utilising bio-methane in 2014 meaning that they will no longer need to purchase any more gas from the grid.

Obviously the company are benefitting from the feed-in-tariff scheme and expect to cover the cost of their renewable energy projects in around 3 and ½ years meaning that it is obviously a financially viable proposition. They are believed to be one of the very first national food brands to achieve self-sufficiency so are to be commended for this.

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