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Tree Felling Annoys Residents

We try to provide a balanced viewpoint when it comes to reporting matters involving solar panels and felt that the following would be of interest to our readers whose thoughts on the matter would be most welcome.

Some trees may effect the efficiency of solar panels
(image credit: dlofink)

Apparently, some residents in Plymouth have been upset by a decision to cut down some trees that were felt to be affecting the efficiency of solar panels that had been installed at a number of housing association properties. The trees in question were situated at Hospital Road, Greenbank, Plymouth.

The trees were cut down by contractors on the instructions of Westward Housing Group but, apparently, some residents feel that they were misled into believing that the trees in question would only be lightly pruned rather than cut down. The housing group had solar panels installed with a view to reducing the electricity bills of occupiers of the properties that would improve the affordability of the homes.

The trees were removed after discussions with Plymouth City Council following the contractor attending a site meeting with representatives from the council that was arranged to establish the level of work that would be required. Unfortunately, it was felt that the trees were too large for the location and that they may start to cause damage to the neighbouring properties.

Apparently, if trees are not situated in a conservation area and do not have a preservation order on them it is down to who owns the land to decide whether to cut down the tress or take some other action such as pruning them. Although the housing group are under no obligation to do so, they have agreed to replace the trees by planting suitable new trees and will be consulting with residents in this respect.

It is to be hoped that the efficiency of the solar panels does improve and, although the situation has upset some residents, let us hope that any new trees quickly establish themselves to benefit residents in the future.

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