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Thousands Of Social Housing Tenants To Benefit From Free Solar Panels

You may be interested to read that a considerable number of tenants residing in social housing are to have solar photovoltaic panels fitted to their homes with the occupants of these properties not having to pay anything for the solar panels.

Many social houses occupied by people on low incomes are to have solar panels fitted.

This will no doubt come as welcome news to these people as it is estimated that their fuel bills could reduce by as much as £240 per annum. That, we are sure you will agree, is a considerable sum of money thus freeing up funds for other needs by many people who are currently on low incomes.

Apparently, some 800,000 homes are to benefit from having these solar panels fitted to their properties both in England and Wales. The scheme is being supported by the Government with a company from Holland called Maas Capital putting some £160 million into the scheme. It is expected that it will take up to five years for all these homes to have had solar panels installed. A company by the name of Solarplicity will be making the solar panels available.

It is expected that in excess of 290,000 homes in the North West of the country will have such panels fitted with other social housing in certain other parts of the UK benefitting from the scheme.

As well as saving the residents of these properties a significant sum of money on their energy bills the installation of these solar panels will also help this country towards achieving its renewable energy targets as well as lowering carbon emissions here in the UK. It will be interesting to monitor how this scheme progresses over the coming months and years and, if it proves successful, if the Government decides to come up with a similar scheme in the future to benefit even more people on low incomes and living in social housing whether provided by local authorities or private landlords.

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