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Thornbury Fire Station’s Solar Panels Performing Well

It is great to hear good news about the success of solar panels as it is likely to encourage others to take the plunge and invest in this environmentally friendly source of energy. The more individuals and businesses in the UK and beyond that have them installed the more likely we are going to hit our carbon emission targets by 2020.

Thornbury Fire Station is using solar panels

We have heard that, back in April 2014, Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS) took the plunge and had 50 solar panels placed upon Thornbury Fire Station’s roof. Well, you will be pleased to hear, these solar panels are already producing sufficient power that would have been capable of providing electricity for a home for 12 months – 4,000 kW hours of electricity. Another pleasing factor is that this performance is in excess of what was being predicted.

The solar panels were fitted at a time when the fire station was undertaking roofing improvements so it no doubt made sense to have them installed around the same time. As a result of the above fire service’s Carbon Management Plan there has been a reduction in the amount of energy consumed by almost a third in a period of 5 years that is a commendable achievement.

We have also heard that Yorkshire Ambulance Service is to have solar panels installed on 175 of their ambulances. The benefit to the ambulance service is that they will be able to keep the batteries in the ambulances charged up without the need to keep the engine ticking over. This will no doubt be of benefit to the environment as it will reduce carbon emissions emanating from the exhausts of the ambulances.

The above news items are certainly positive moves on the part of those involved in making such decisions.

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