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Survey Into Climate Change Produces Interesting Results

A survey called the “Public Attitudes to Nuclear Power and Climate Change in Britain Two Years after the Fukushima Accident” has been conducted by the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Japan and Cardiff University. It was supported by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) and examined the public’s views on nuclear power and climate change.

Many people have strong views on climate change

Interestingly, the survey revealed that there were fewer people that thought there were changes in the climate than when a similar survey was undertaken back in 2005. In 2005, 91% of people surveyed believed that the global climate was changing whereas in this most recent survey only 72% were of that opinion. It would be interesting to understand why people felt that especially in view of the publicity climate change receives these days.
Almost 66% of people were of the opinion that occasions of extreme weather have increased in frequency in the last 10 years here in the UK. Almost three-quarters of those people felt this increase was down to changes in the climate.

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan took place on 11th March 2011 and the Japanese are obviously now very much against nuclear power yet in the UK there has been a slight increase in support compared to back in 2005. Here in the UK, there was a huge amount of support for renewable energy initiatives with wind power being supported by 64% of people and solar power by 77% of individuals. Oil appealed to 34%, coal to 33% and nuclear to 34% in respect of means of generating electricity.

Obviously, the above figures about the UK publics’ view on solar power as a way of generating electricity is good news and should help support all that is being done in this country to help drive forward more homes and industrial units having solar panels installed.

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