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Survey Following Green Deal Assessments

The Green Deal only came into being towards the end of January 2013 yet there have been two surveys carried out to judge its effectiveness. Briefly, the Green Deal was set up to encourage householders to have energy saving improvements carried out to their properties such as cavity wall insulation, solar panels and loft insulation with the added benefit that they would not need to fully fund the costs at the outset.

The process is a simple one with the first requirement being that the householder must have a Green Deal Assessment completed following which a Green Deal Advice Report is completed for the benefit of the householder who can decide if they wish to have any of the energy saving recommendations carried out. Up to the 30th June 2013, approximately 44,000 UK properties had an assessment completed.

Green Deal domestic advisor

The Department of Energy and Climate Change instructed GfK NOP to carry out the first survey which was published in June 2013 and the second survey was published this month. The surveys were designed to establish if people had taken on board any of the energy saving recommendations and had any improvements carried out or were intent on doing so.

We thought that you might find some of the results of the second survey interesting so are highlighting some of the statistics. There were 499 out of the 900 householders that were contacted that had assessments carried out that agreed to take part in the survey with the biggest percentage (61%) of people agreeing to do so as they would like to be able to save money on their energy bills.

Having been asked what action they had taken or intended to take having received the assessment there were 28% who claimed to have followed all the recommendations and had all the improvements completed to improve the energy efficiency in the home. There were 4% who were in the process of having the recommended things done. There were 28% who felt they would either not or definitely not have any of the works done. There were 11% who were yet to decide. There were 17% that were probably or definitely intending to proceed with the recommendations. There were 11% who said that they may or may not have any energy saving recommendations completed.

When people were asked about solar panels 5% had them installed, 3% were in the throes of installing them, 15% felt they were definitely or probably intending to install them, 9% may not or may bother to install them, 53% would probably not or definitely not arrange for the installation of solar photovoltaic panels and a number were unsure what they were going to do.

It was interesting to note that the biggest factor getting in the way of people having energy saving works carried out was the cost involved followed by people questioning whether a worthwhile saving could be achieved.

The above certainly makes interesting reading and we welcome comments from our readers specifically in relation to the solar panel industry.

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