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Suitability Checker App Now Available On Your iPad or iPhone

Here at Solar Panels UK we are regularly looking for ways to enhance our customer’s experience in their dealings with us.

We are therefore really excited to announce that our solar panel suitability checker app can be accessed through either an iPad or iPhone.

Previously it has only been possible to access the app directly via the website but, having undertaken some thorough research, it was obvious that in today’s fast paced technological world a significant number of our customers would welcome being able to use the app through their iPhone or iPad.

So, following a sizeable investment on our part, we are thrilled to announce that this can now be done.

The app, with the assistance of Google Maps technology, is designed to help find out how energy efficient solar panels would be on a property. All that has to be done, having downloaded the app to an iPhone or iPad, is to push the ‘Use Current Location’ button and the inbuilt GPS will pinpoint the user’s location or the address where the solar panels are to be installed can be keyed in manually as well as selecting the country in the drop down menu.

The performance graph overlay and satellite imagery can then be used to pinpoint the most suitable place on the roof or elsewhere on the site where the solar panels will provide optimal solar efficiency.

We are already in the development stage of version 2.0. This will then provide sun time data for the location of the solar panels as well as taking into account the angle the roof tilts or slopes to give an estimate of how many kWh can be generated.

The app operates worldwide and can be used free of charge on an iPad or iPhone. The iTunes store page can be seen at

We would welcome our customers’ feedback when they have used the app on their iPad or iPhone and please don’t forget to review our app :).

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