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Street Lights In Surakarta, Central Java, May Be Lit Up Using Solar Energy

A senior official with the Surakarta Municipal has confirmed that Surakarta city, with a population exceeding half a million people, is giving serious consideration to lighting up the city’s streets utilising solar energy by mid 2013.

The big problem is the cost of the installation that would include solar panels, lamp posts and the lights as this could exceed $6,000 for each one and there are 16,169 street lights.

Budi Suharto, who is the secretary of Surakarta Municipal, stated: “The plan is good but we really have to take into consideration the budget.”

Street lighting in Surakarta may be powered by solar panels
(image credit: bennylin)

Apparently the initial budget for the municipality had been set in respect of next year so any setting aside of monies for this project would have to be put on hold until Surakarta City Council met to discuss any changes in the budget for 2013.

The secretary felt that the installation work would have to be carried out over an extended period of time.

PT Sunco Energy Solutions would welcome the opportunity to make Surakarta, also known as Solo, the location for such a renewable energy technology project.

Erfan Santosa is Sunco Indonesia’s general manager who confirmed that the company was keen to use Surakarta as the city was supportive of environmental matters. In fact they had wanted to commence work this year but city officials want it delayed until later in 2013.

He stated:  “Solo has a concern to make itself a green city and we can see that from, among other things, the implementation of the city forest here.”

Erfan Santosa confirmed that Sunco Indonesia would do everything that it could to endeavor to bring down the cost of installing each lamp post to about $2,000.

He believes that savings of as much as 80% can be achieved in the cost of supplying the energy for the street lights.

Should the project go ahead the city would be the first of Indonesia’s public works to utilize solar powered energy.

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