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STA Announces “10 Commitments” For Solar Farms

There has been some criticism levelled at the construction of solar farms of late with the Government, for instance, encouraging more account of the opinion of the local community. However, without such solar arrays being installed surely the UK would find it harder to achieve their renewable energy targets.

It is interesting that a poll by YouGov that the Solar Trade Association (STA) commissioned reveals that two thirds of those taking part in the survey were in support of either “all” or “good quality” solar farms. It is also rather timely, in view of recent press and TV coverage of fracking, that 40% of those surveyed would be prepared to have a solar farm situated close to them whereas only 6% of people taking part in the poll would be agreeable to having fracking taking place close by.

Solar farms play a vital part in helping the UK achieve its renewable energy target
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The STA is to be commended for its recent publication of its “10 Commitments” that it would want its members that are involved in the building and management of solar farms to comply with. It can only provide a positive outcome to all those involved in and affected by the building of solar farms.

The “10 Commitments” include such things as taking into account any concerns that have been raised within the local community by, for example, communicating with local people prior to a planning application being submitted including obtaining their suggestions and thoughts, concentrating on non-agricultural land or land that is deemed to be of a lower agricultural quality, wherever possible reduce the visual impact of the solar farm, employ local people wherever possible and, when the solar farm scheme comes to an end, the land will be returned to its previous use.

The STA’s “10 Commitments” has been welcomed by Greg Barker who is the Minister of State at the Department of Energy & Climate Change.

We would appreciate our readers’ thoughts on the matter.

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