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SolarCity Planning To Build Solar Roofs

It has been announced that Tesla is looking to purchase SolarCity with the later being a solar power company and the former building electric cars. Eton Musk is CEO of Tesla as well as being the major shareholder and chairman of SolarCity. SolarCity is a huge company in the USA and provide solar panel systems for both residential and commercial premises.

Solar roofs are looking to be produced by SolarCity from the USA

Well, we thought that you might be interested to read that it has recently been announced that Solar City is to develop and produce solar roofs as well as continuing to provide normal solar panels that can be fitted onto the roofs of residential and commercial buildings. Tesla is also expected to benefit from such a venture in respect of their vehicles.

Apparently there are a considerable number of properties each year in the USA that have to have their roofs replaced. In which case, perhaps people could have a whole solar paneled roof installed rather than have a conventional tile or slate roof on which solar panels would normally be placed. Presumably, both options would need to be costed to establish which option would be the most financially viable. A certain type of Tesla battery could also be utilized to store the power that is generated in this way.

Quite some time ago, we mentioned in another post about solar roof tiles being used in Australia but this latest venture from Solar City seems to be taking things to a different level.

Of course, solar roofs would not just be applicable to replacement roofs. Presumably, there is nothing to stop builders incorporating solar roofs in brand new homes.

It may be as soon as the end of this year when solar roofs become available via SolarCity. Here at Solar Panels UK, we will continue to keep our many readers up to date with developments in this respect.

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