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“Solar Tiles” Are Less Conspicuous

We have previously reported on solar panels being produced in the form of a “solar tile” in Australia but, until now, had not heard of this being done here in the UK. It is, therefore, pleasing to be able to report that we have now heard of at least one firm in the UK using “solar tiles” instead of the more conventional solar photovoltaic panels in certain situations.

The company concerned are called Love Solar Ltd and are based on the Gilwilly Industrial Estate in Penrith in Cumbria. It commenced trading in 2010 since which time it has installed in excess of 250 solar PV systems.

Grasmere Village
(image credit: houghtonbirds)

It is shortly to finish the installation of “solar tiles” on the roofs of 12 properties in Grasmere that is a delightful village in the Lake District that is, of course, a National Park. The company are no doubt hopeful that their order book will increase as people become more aware of these “solar tiles” that would appear to provide an ideal solution in locations that are a little more sensitive from an environmental perspective.

The design of these “solar tiles” means that they are situated flush with the normal roof tiles having been slotted together rather than sitting just above the surface of the roof that is the norm with conventional solar panels. This has the effect of making them less conspicuous and, therefore, may be more appealing to some planning departments in certain situations.

In fact, the planning department covering the above property development in Grasmere were supportive of the use of these “solar tiles”. They result in a lower visual impact than conventional solar panels.

Apparently, the “solar tile” system was made in China having been designed in Switzerland. It is also reassuring to note that they qualify to receive payments under the feed in tariff scheme.

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