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Solar PV Strategy Announced

The UK Government has recently announced details of its solar power strategy going forward which makes for interesting reading. This is at a time when the carmaker Jaguar can lay claim to having the biggest array of solar panels fitted to their factory’s roof in Staffordshire – around 21,000 solar panels.

Greg Barker – Image credit: University of Salford Press Office.

It is the opinion of the Government that although there has been a significant reduction in prices within the solar industry, this downward trend must continue if the UK is to achieve its renewable energy targets.

At the present time just over half a million homes have had solar panels installed but the Government is hoping that will double by the end of next year. At the moment we have 2.7GWp of solar power capacity but Greg Barker feels that there is the capability to increase that by as much as 20GWp over the next 10 years.

The report refers to their being around a quarter of a million hectares of roof space on commercial buildings that face south that provides tremendous potential for further solar panel installations. Businesses must be encouraged to make more use of this space. The Government intend to help remove the red tape to enable rooftop solar panels to be installed on the likes of warehouses, car parks, supermarkets and many other industrial buildings.

Apparently, the Government are going to have solar panels installed on various buildings that they own including hospitals and schools to help towards meeting targets.

The Government feel that the domestic market for solar panels is still in its early stages with things like the Green Deal encouraging greater uptake by the British public.

You may wish to study the report produced by the Department of Energy & Climate Change in greater detail. It is entitled: “UK Solar PV Strategy: Part 2. Delivering a Brighter Future”.

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