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Solar Power World Record For China

In recent months, China has come in for criticism around the world on a number of occasions in relation to more than one thing in connection with solar. Some of these issues have related to trading problems but there seems little point in going into any detail about them here as they have been well documented on numerous occasions in the past.

Solar power installations in China have grown at a record rate in 2014

However, we have to say that it is pleasing once again to hear something positive in relation to China and solar power. In fact, it appears they can be credited with breaking a world record.

Apparently, in 2013, whilst the final figures are still awaited, it is believed that the country may have achieved solar power installations totalling a staggering 12GW of capacity. That is an incredible performance especially when you compare it with what they achieved the previous year. In 2012, they installed 50% of that figure so last year was a phenomenal increase.

It is felt that the solar power installations will continue to rise and a figure of 14GW is being forecast for 2014. Interestingly, in the past, a higher percentage of installations have been for larger sized arrays but this year they are forecasting around 60% of solar panel installations will be located on roofs.

One of the reasons for this impressive performance may well be because China’s rulers encouraged a switch to more installations being carried out in their own country due to the overseas trade issues that they have had to face in recent months. Also, the price of installing solar panels has reduced significantly and China is moving away from coal as an energy source.

The most solar power that any country has installed in one year has been 8GW and what China has achieved in just one year far exceeds the total of the UK’s solar capacity.

So, would you not agree – credit where credit due?

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