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Solar Power Takes Off In India

You may be interested to read that, whilst we have seen solar panel installations reduce here in the UK over many months, India has seen the reverse take place. So, this may bode well for the solar power industry that is potentially good news.

The Taj Mahal in India

In fact, the world biggest solar farm was constructed in India covering around 2,500 acres. India has seen its solar power capacity increase by around four times in the last three years to about 12 gigawatts. This is a very big increase. In addition, it is also being forecast that solar capacity will increase significantly this year.

Solar power has enabled many citizens living in India especially some residing in the countryside to benefit from electricity that they have not previously had in their homes. Solar panels provide energy to power a variety of things in homes such as lighting and they can even be used to help charge up mobile phones.

No doubt solar power will help reduce carbon emissions in India so this will be of benefit to those people living in that vast, heavily populated country.

It is going to be interesting to monitor solar panel installations over the next few years in India. Let us hope that its forecast increase in capacity turns out to be correct as the industry needs some good news at the moment. With so many people having solar photovoltaic panels installed in the country it will presumably have provided the additional benefit of more jobs being created which is no doubt much needed.

It would be wonderful if the UK saw a significant upturn in solar panel installations in both domestic and commercial premises as the country strives to meet its renewable energy and carbon emission targets by 2020. We will keep our readers updated about any other interesting news to do with the solar power industry.

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