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Solar Power Proves Popular In North Somerset

North Somerset is one of the most popular places for the installation of solar panels with over 3,500 homes having had the panels fitted.

Figures from the Department for Energy and Climate Change reveal that 3,542 homes in North Somerset out of 88,273 homes nationally have solar panels fitted. The region is the third most popular local authority in the UK for solar panels behind Devon and Wales.

Solar panels are proving more popular
(image credit: Dave Dugdale)

Bath and Wells Diocese have had solar panels installed on 61 vicarages.

As the public’s bills for the supply of energy to homes continue to increase solar panels are becoming more appealing. This feeling is also helped by the cost of having solar panels fitted reduce and it looks like this is set to continue.

There has even been a car charging station installed that is powered by solar energy.

It now costs between £2,000 to £3,000 for every kilowatt (kw) and the average home requires a 3kw system to cope with its energy needs.

Add to that the benefit of selling surplus energy supplies to the National Grid and it becomes yet more attractive.

Solarsense, based in Brockley, has seen demand for solar energy triple in three years. This is borne out by figures for 2011 to 2012 showing turnover of £14 million with over 1,000 solar panel installations taking place yet in the period 2009 to 2010 turnover was only £2.1 million with 300 installations.

Ken Burns, who is the General Manager stated: “Our company has more than doubled in size (turnover and installations completed) every year for the last three years.

We have done over 400 installations in North Somerset in that time, of which around 78 per cent are solar PV.”

Lightsource Renewable Energy is in the throes of constructing a huge solar farm in the area that will contain over 5,000 solar panels that will be capable of powering approaching 350 homes.

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