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Solar Power Helps Lower Carbon Emissions In UK

One of the benefits of solar power is that, being a renewable form of energy, it helps reduce carbon emissions here in the UK. This is something that not only the UK is targeted with achieving but also other countries around the world.

Well, you may be interested to read that according to the National Grid during the summer period of this year there was a big increase in electricity being generated by the likes of wind turbines and solar power. In fact, between the 21st June and the 22 September 2017 not far off 52% of electricity that was produced was done so using “green energy sources” such as wind, solar and nuclear. Four years ago such sources helped generate 35% of the electricity here in the UK.

We are sure that you will agree this is excellent news for the likes of the solar power industry and is no doubt partly attributable by the construction of things like solar farms, solar panels being fitted to residential homes and commercial properties.

There is no doubt a lot more that can be done to increase the generation of electricity by green sources of energy and let us hope that we continue to make progress in this respect in the coming years. Whilst there has been a fall in the number of households having solar panels fitted to the roofs of their homes or having ground mounted solar panels erected in people’s back gardens there are still many that are choosing this form of electricity generation.

There are many suppliers and fitters of solar panels here in the UK. So, if you are considering this as an alternative to the traditional source of electricity, you may wish to obtain a number of quotes from suitable businesses. As part of your due diligence, you may also wish to visit a number of homes where people have had solar panels fitted to obtain the opinion of the homeowner on the business that supplied and fitted the solar panels and whether they have proved beneficial.

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