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Solar Power For Irish Theme Park

You may be interested to read that Tayto Park that is the only theme park in the Republic of Ireland is to benefit from a solar farm that has recently had conditional planning approval granted to be built. In the region of 120,000 solar panels are to be put up close to the theme park with some of the power it generates being used towards providing solar energy to the park.

Tayto Park is both a theme park and zoo and attracts many visitors in a year. The park has a number of rides that can be enjoyed by people of all ages as well as a zoo where a number of animals including some farm animals, mammals and birds can be viewed.

The planned solar farm sounds like it is going to be a considerable size and it is costing in the region of £20 million to be built.

There is no doubt that solar farms like the one above will make a considerable difference when it comes to helping countries around the world achieve their renewable energy targets in the coming years. Such farms should also help lower carbon emissions around the world.

Of course, there are often objections from local residents about the erection of ground mounted solar panels on a solar farm. However, it is often possible to build such a development without causing concern from people living in the locality if it is possible to install the solar photovoltaic panels in such a way that they are not visible to people going past the solar farm. If this can be achieved then less people are likely to raise an objection about a solar farm being built.

It is going to be interesting to see if other theme parks in the likes of the UK decide to make greater use of solar energy in the coming months and years. We will continue to keep you advised about interesting projects.

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