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Solar Panels To Be Installed On Cathedral Roof

Solar photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roofs of numerous buildings including family homes and commercial premises such as the likes of Sainsbury’s Supermarket. Well, a cathedral in the UK is shortly to have solar panels fitted to its roof as part of a significant restoration scheme.

Gloucester Cathedral is to have solar panels fitted to the nave roof.

Gloucester Cathedral is currently involved in Project Pilgrim that will see in the region of £6 million being spent in restoring the beautiful cathedral. As part of that project in the region of £100,000 is apparently being spent on having solar panels fitted to a roof of the cathedral.

It is estimated that as many as 200 solar panels will be fitted to the nave’s roof and it is expected that the panels will be fitted around October of this year. The installation work is expected to take around 3 weeks. Prior to the fitting taking place there is some other preparatory work that needs to be carried out.

It is great to hear that the funding of the solar panels is to come from money from a public appeal. At the present time, some 90% of the money has already been raised.

It is also pleasing to note that the solar panels may save as much as 25% of the energy costs of the cathedral on an annual basis. It is projected that the solar panels will generate between 28 to 30 MWh every year. In should help reduce carbon emissions that is something that the UK and other countries are keen to do.

The solar panels will not be that visible so hopefully they should not spoil the look of the wonderful building.

Apparently, Gloucester Cathedral is not the only religious building in the UK to have invested in solar panels.

It is solar power projects like this one that will go some way towards helping the UK meet its renewable energy targets in the coming years as well as lower carbon emissions.

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