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Solar Panels To Be Installed At 5,000 Total Service Stations

Total S.A is an extremely large international gas and oil company whose headquarters are in France. It has announced that over a period of 5 years it is to install solar photovoltaic panels at 5,000 of its service stations around the world. Apparently, some 800 of those service stations are located in France.

Total is to have solar panels installed at 5,000 of its service stations around the world in the next 5 years.

It is estimated that the cost of installing these solar panels that will be provided by an affiliate company called SunPower that are based in California, USA will be in the region of $300 million. So, as you can see, this is an extremely large solar power project.

These solar panels may be able to produce 200MW capacity of electricity. That is sufficient to provide around 200,000 people with electricity.

It is estimated that Total’s electricity bill will reduce by around $40 million every year. It is also forecast that its carbon emission usage will drop by some 100 million tonnes a year.

There are many businesses that have made the decision in recent years to install solar panels with a view to lowering their electricity bills and reducing carbon emissions and there may well be many other companies that do so in the coming months and years. For instance, Sainsbury’s has installed solar panels on a number of its stores around the UK.

The UK as well as other countries around the world is keen to lower carbon emissions and have targets in place to do so. Renewable energy that includes things like solar power and wind power will no doubt play a significant part in helping the country meet those targets.

In addition to businesses having solar panels fitted here in the UK, they are also being installed on a number of peoples’ homes as residents look to try to save money on their electricity bills and also do their bit towards lowering carbon emissions.

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