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Solar Panels May Be installed At Gaza Hospital

You will almost certainly have heard about the troubles between Israel and Palestine over the years so it is excellent to hear of some good news to come out of Gaza that has the potential to benefit so many.

A renewable energy project is underway with the intention that solar panels are installed on a busy hospital roof in Gaza. Presently, as the area suffers from power cuts, it is not unheard of for surgeons to have to perform operations that are lit up by mobile phones. This may all change if the project proves a success.

A scientist in Gaza has partnered with an international group to undertake this project on behalf of the health sector. It intends to provide various equipment including 65 solar panels for Jenin Hospital that is located to the east of Gaza city in the al-Shajaiyeh neighbourhood.

Gaza following an attack by Israeli
(image credit: Physicians for Human Rights – Israel)

It had been decided to focus on this hospital as the area was densely populated with about 250,000 people living there who are often faced with violence from Israel.

Dr Hisham Murtaja, who is the deputy-chief of the hospital, stated: “We continue to suffer from the power outrage problem and sometimes we happen to carry out minor surgeries by the lights of doctors’ mobile phones, It is true that we run a power generator here, which is too costly by the way. But still we continue to often suffer from maintenance problems, as well as the problem of providing gasoline for the power generator itself.”

The project is called Sunshine4Palestine and is expected to start in 2014. It aims to raise $215,000 although only has some $7,000 in its fund at the present time. Part of the scheme will require a new roof at a cost of $38,500.

The hospital uses around 40 megawatts of electricity per annum but the solar power scheme is expected to double its capability. Furthermore, the project should result in the hospital being able to run independently from the primary power plant in Gaza. This plant has had to rely on Israel supplying it who, back in 2006, restricted the supplies.

We shall continue to provide updates.

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