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Solar Panels Installed In Schools, Parks

In a recent scheme, the Cherwell School in Summertown is planning to go solar in its energy intake. With 232 solar panels being installed upon the two roofs of the school, it will become one of the first institutions that derives a substantial amount of energy from solar power.

There was an official ceremony to launch the scheme, which was attended by Elise Benjamin, lord mayor of Oxford. Benjamin, who hails from the Green Party, praised the people’s efforts in raising awareness about the benefits of solar energy.

The money for the scheme was raised by 75 people from the community, who generated over £145,000 to facilitate the solar panel installation.

“This is a fantastic example of the sort of community solar initiative we desperately need,” remarked Benjamin.

The solar scheme was organised by Oncore (Oxford North Community renewable), which, in turn, was set up by one Low Carbon Oxford North (LCON).

Even the faculty of the school is very upbeat about having the solar panels UK installed in their school, regardless of the relatively meagre financial savings it brings with it.

According to Head teacher, Paul James, “Although there are small energy cost reductions for the school, the main reasons for our involvement are the educational benefits of seeing a renewable energy source in action on our own site.”

It’s not just the schools that are going the solar way. A business park in Oxfordshire has had enough solar panels fitted to be able to receive a quarter of electricity through solar power.

The Howberry Solar Park at Wallingford has also been upholstered with 3000 solar panels via Solarcentury, which are capable of saving 350 tonnes of CO2 emmission.

The resultant electricity generated is equal to that produced in over 200 homes.

The chief executive of the park, John Ormston, stated that he and his team were wholeheartedly dedicated towards using renewable energy to support their growing energy-consumption.

“Howberry Business Park will be one of only a few business parks in the UK where occupiers are able to secure a direct electrical supple from a solar array,” he said.

Solarcentury’s CEO, Derry Newman, agreed with Ormston, adding that the scheme also gave a clear view of the future where solar power could be a potent contributor into the electricity-generation process. He also stressed on the hazard-free usage of the source.

“Solar is not to be underestimated; it is the fastest growing energy technology in the world, simply because it is clean, reliable and a readily available alternative to fossil fuels,” stated Newman.

Solarcentury has had a long experience in building solar parks, especially around continental Europe.

The building of Howberry park followed the Government’s scheme of feed-in tariff where energy vendors would provide payment to those households that generated renewable energy.

Over 40,000 installations have been registered ever since the feed-in tariff scheme was announced.


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