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Solar Panels Have Huge Impact On Green Energy Production

Although there has been a reduction in the number of solar panels being installed on UK homes in recent months they are still having a significant impact on the volume of green energy being produced.

Official figures have been released in the last few days showing that electricity that has been produced by solar-generation has risen by a staggering 840% in twelve months.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change’s (DECC) statistics reveal that the 1.38 gigawatt of solar capacity that has been installed in the UK has actually, in the second quarter of 2012, provided 0.5 terawatt of electricity that is a huge increase on the same period in 2011 when it was only 0.05 terawatt.

Colin Priest is an energy expert working for Noreus Ltd who said: “These incredible figures reflect the dramatic impact the feed-in tariff has had on the country.”

During the same period wind turbines located offshore were responsible for an increase of 47.7% in electricity production whilst wind generation located onshore saw a drop of 11.4% with the share of the renewable market rising from 9% to 9.6% during the period. It is interesting to note that fossil fuels production fell by 10.1% in the UK over the same period plus natural gas and oil production dropped by 13.9% and 12.2%.

The consumption of energy in the UK rose by 5.1 % despite the fact that, in real terms, domestically, gas prices have increased by 13% and electricity prices by 5.5%.

The Daily Telegraph warned the UK public a few days ago that bills could increase substantially this winter because energy companies intend to increase profits from households from £45 to £65 per home – an increase of almost 50%.

SSE are the UK’s second biggest energy company who have stated that, from the middle of October 2012, a typical fuel bill will increase by 9% from £1,172 to £1,274 per annum. This is expected to effect in the region of 5 million households.

Ten million households have been informed by British Gas that their bills may rise by up to £100 in 2013. Only last month both First Utility and Scottish Power withdrew their lowest fixed rate products. Experts have predicted that in 2013 energy bills could rise by £118 to £1,428 pa.

Colin Priest said that by installing a four square metre solar thermal system on your roof would provide cheaper hot water as it is paid for and powered by sunlight and is capable of reducing energy costs by a much as 33%.  The installation of solar panels could also result in the homeowner benefiting from a subsidy via the Feed in Tariff.

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