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Solar Panels Fitted To Leisure Centre In Nottingham

Nationwide Solar, based in South Yorkshire, has recently completed the installation of solar panels at the Richard Herrod Centre that is one of the largest leisure centres in Nottingham. This was at the instigation of Gedling Borough Council.

Solar panels have been fitted to the roof of the Richard Herrod Centre in Nottingham.

The centre is now equipped with a 79kW solar panel system that is capable of generating 66,500 Kw/h of electricity each year. Because of the expected saving it should take in the region of 12 years to recoup the cost.

The roof measures 55m by 35m with most of it covered in solar panels. In order to maximise the solar yield Hilti frames have been utilised for the panels supported by Power One Aurora Inverters in respect of the building.

Gedling Borough Council are very supportive towards solar panel projects for local public buildings with this being their fifth investment in solar panelling. Other projects have been the installation of two 9kW solar panel systems at the Jubilee House buildings and two 7kW solar panel systems at Arnot Hill Park’s Civic Centre.

Councillor Jim Creamer from Gedling Borough Council observed that the installation of solar panels was a major way for the council to help reduce energy bills and reduce the carbon footprint. He felt that the Richard Herrod Centre was an ideal building for such a project and that residents of Gedling were benefiting from the income that the reinvestment of the feed in tariff was producing.

Russ Cowan who is Managing Director at Nationwide Solar commented: “Gedling Borough Council has recognised how solar panels represent a very good investment in the future. The Richard Herron centre was the perfect choice for solar PV, as it will be able to take advantage of a large amount of free electricity generated from the sun during the day when the centre is at its busiest. It is great to be able to help the council to reap the benefits of generating an income from their roofs.”

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