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Solar Panels Cause Disagreement With Neighbour

Unfortunately, the installation of solar panels on the roof of someone’s home has caused the owners of a neighbouring property to become disgruntled. The reason for this is, apparently, the glare that is coming from the solar panels when the sun is out.

The installation of solar panels similar to these has caused a disagreement between neighbours
(image credit: mikecogh)

The solar panels that are causing the upset between the neighbours are located on the home of Trevor Chase who is 81 years of age and lives in Torridge, Devon. His neighbour is Robert Phipps who is 51 years of age.

Mr Chase had the solar panels fitted on the roof of his bungalow no doubt with a view to saving money on his fuel bills and to help the environment but he probably had no idea the upset this could cause to the Phipps household.

Apparently, when the sun is shinning, Mr Phipps’s three bedroomed detached house is lit up inside for a number of hours which is most unpleasant for him and his family. Mr Phipps claims that the family have to use blackout blinds and thick curtains as, without them, they are concerned that the glare could cause their eyes to be damaged.

The problem appears to be due to Mr Chase’s bungalow roof angle and its slope as it is reflecting the suns rays directly at the home of Mr Phipps. If in the garden, it is claimed by Mr Phipps that the light is pointing directly at him from only a few yards away.

Mr Phipps claims that the situation is even worse than if you had to look directly at the sun and the situation is not a great deal better indoors. In the lounge, the glare runs from one wall to the opposite wall. His son has blackouts at his window to be able to get his homework completed. Mr Phipps also believes that the problem has not helped his health as, during the last 12 months, he has had to increase the number of blood pressure tablets he takes by four times and he has lost about two stone in weight. He is also concerned about damage to the retinas in his eyes.

Torridge District Council pointed out that planning permission would not have been required to install the solar panels as they would have complied with permitted development rights.

 Mr Phipps is to take up the matter with Eric Pickles who is the Local Government Secretary.


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