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Solar Panel Website Offers Guidance For Harried Households

An industry specialist in solar panels UK, has recently launched a new website known as Home Solar Panels. This website is slated to be launched at the same time as the new 21p feed-in tariff on 3rd March, 2012.

With many residents clueless about the new decisions regarding solar panels UK, the website is dedicated towards providing information and advice to households looking to install solar panels. It will also be one of the frontrunners in providing instant quotes for such households.

There are many other handy bonuses for the taking. Home Solar Panels also arranges for households to get up till three no-obligation surveys, entirely free of charge. The surveys will be carried out by MCS accredited Solar installers. This will ensure that prices stay competitive and there’s no malicious practice by rogue traders.

Also, the website provides guidance to people on whether a solar panel installation would be feasible in their particular homes. This can be done by using roof checkers, along with costs, discounts and savings which will be assessed using calculators.

Although the solar panel industry has been dealt a huge blow with the cuts in the feed-in tariff by the government, a growing number of households have embraced the idea of generating their own electricity by using solar panels.

Along with producing energy, it is also possible to receive more power according to the Government’s scheme. For each unit of electricity that is not used, an additional 3.1p will be paid to the household. The Government has agreed to provide 21p per unit for the next 25 years, so it’s only natural that homeowners are flocking towards solar panel vendors.

Solar energy has not yet realized its full potential in the UK market, but industry insiders reckon that the only way forward is up for the fledgling industry. Homeowners are currently struggling to pay off their household expenses which include hefty electricity bills. This is why the significant savings on electricity that is promised by solar panel installations will not be considered lightly.

Many solar panel installation companies have come up which provide free, instant and competitive quotes, along with offering the service of setting up the solar panels in your home. However, there are some conditions regarding the installation of solar panels in UK. Only those homes that have a minimum Energy Performance rating of ‘D’ are eligible for a solar panel installation. Those who fail to meet this standard will need to ante up their Energy Performance rating by upgrading their property’s electricity situation.

Solar Panels are guaranteed to generate tax-free returns of an estimated £512 every year in terms of earnings, which is equivalent to a profitable return on investment of around 7.3 per cent. This is another fact that has prompted many residents to stock up to buy a solar panel.


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