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Solar Panel Installations Continue To Increase

There would appear to be no let up in the number of solar panel installations here in the UK despite the summer holiday period which is a time when you would think that people would be in “holiday mode”. This is excellent news for the solar photovoltaic panel industry and let us hope that it continues.

Solar panel installations continue to prove popular
(image credit: ell brown)

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) publish data on a weekly basis about the number of installations. Hopefully, you will find the following extracts from the data informative.

During the seven days ending on the 18th August 2013 the government database recorded an increase of 1,910 solar panel installations in the tariff band of below 50kW with this equating to 7.14MW of capacity. In the seven days that ended on 11th August 2013 there were 1,547 solar panel installations in the above tariff band with this equating to 5.6MW of capacity.

There are now in excess of 458.200 solar panel installations so we are making our way towards 500,000 installations. There was an overall increase of 0.4% in installed capacity with the total sitting at 1.64GW as at the 18th August 2013.

Interestingly, in the week ending 18th August, 95% of installations were within the tariff band of 0kW to 4kW. Also, the 10kW to 50kW tariff band witnessed a rise of 57% in capacity.

It will be interesting to observe this data in the coming weeks and to see if this pattern continues into the autumn and beyond. The UK still has a long way to go towards achieving its renewable energy targets but, hopefully, homeowners and business owners will continue to see the environmental and financial benefits of solar power. The publication only a few days ago of the Solar Trade Association’s (STA) “10 commitments’ in respect of solar panel farms will no doubt be of a huge benefit to the industry.

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