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Solar Panel Cycle Path

It was only back in May of this year that we commented on the development of solar panels to be used on road networks in the USA. This was a system called Solar Roadways. Well, we have now heard about solar panels being used for a cycle path that we thought you would find of interest.

Will we see solar panel cycle paths in the UK in the future?

It probably does not come as a surprise to read that this bike path is in the vicinity of Amsterdam in Holland. The capital city of that country is renowned for the number of bicycles that are ridden by people whether it is for leisure purposes or to commute to and from work.

Apparently, the cycle path runs between Krommenie and Wormerveer that is used by around 2,000 commuters to cycle to and from work each day. The path is only about 230 feet. It has a solar surface to provide energy from the sun’s rays. Over a period of time it is expected that the path will be lengthened. It is to be opened on the 12th November 2014.

The path has been constructed using concrete modules and solar cells. Unfortunately, it will not generate as much power as solar photovoltaic panels on the roofs of homes as the panels have been laid fairly flat resulting in 30% less energy being produced.

The system is strong enough to take the weight of lorries so it possibly has the potential to be used on road systems in the future. This will be interesting because the energy generated could possibly be used to help provide the electricity for street lighting that is no doubt normally a considerable expense to local councils.

We do like to keep our readers up dated about interesting solar panel projects so feel free to let us know about any that you hear of and we will happily report on them.

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