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Solar Panel Car Park Canopies Planned For Nottingham

Back in June 2013, we reported on Hull City Council installing 200 solar panels on the roof of one of the city’s multi-storey car parks to provide some electricity for its council buildings. We are also aware of solar panels being used to provide energy for battery charging points for electric cars here in the UK.

Will the UK see an increasing use of solar panels in the above way?

Well, now we hear that Nottingham City Council has given its approval for two of its public car parks to have solar panel canopies fitted to provide a significant amount of electricity. One of the schemes will involve the installation of 4,000 solar panels at the park and ride site in Queen’s Drive, Nottingham. The other involves the installation of 3,000 solar photovoltaic panels at the park and ride site at Colwick Racecourse, Daleside Road, Nottingham. Collectively, the area these solar panels will cover would take up the size of around one and a half rugby pitches.

These are two huge schemes and would appear to have been well thought out by the council. After all, they will not only produce renewable energy but will also presumably provide welcome cover for cars during sunny weather. It is forecast that the Queen’s Drive scheme alone will provide benefits amounting to around £121,000 for Nottingham City Council each year.

Not only will there be a financial benefit to the council but there will be a reduction in carbon emissions thus making a contribution to the UK’s target to reduce such emissions. Also, the Queens’s Drive scheme is forecast to provide around half of the energy required to power the city’s fleet of electric buses that is expected to grow in the next few years.

So, we are sure that you will no doubt all agree that Nottingham City Council are to be commended for their forward-thinking attitude towards renewable energy.

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