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Solar Independence Plan for Britain Produced by STA

The Solar Trade Association (STA) has just published its Solar Independence Plan for Britain that you may wish to read if you have any interest in the solar power industry. So, whether you are involved in the likes of manufacturing and/or selling solar panels or are a customer considering investing in solar panels for your home or business, you may find the plan interesting.

If the The Solar Independence Plan for Britain was followed it may result in more solar panels being installed in the UK

Some of you may not be aware but the UK presently generates in the region of 1.5% of its electricity by the use of solar power. The Solar Trade Association believes that if the Government were to support its Solar Independence Plan significant inroads could be made in the amount of electricity being generated by the utilization of solar power.

For instance, it suggests that the Government increase its solar generated electricity capacity target to 25GW by 2020. In doing so, the UK could be producing 6.9% of its electricity by solar power by 2020. There would be around 2.1 million homes using solar power as well as 24,000 commercial premises with solar panels on their roofs. There would be not far off 57,00 people working in the industry. The roof top installation subsidy could be stopped. Solar power would be competitive with electricity that is produced by fossil fuels. The additional cost to households would be £1.11 per month.

The plan requests that the Government does the following this year: –

1. Feed-in Tariffs should be altered to focus on achieving zero subsidy by 2020 and push forward growth.
2. Contracts for Difference should be adapted so that SMEs and solar benefit.
3. The Renewable Obligation in respect of sub-5MW systems should be safeguarded up to 2017.
4. Solar should receive a fairer share of the budget in respect of the Levy Control Framework.
5. Constraints relating to the grid should be dealt with strategically and decisively.
6. Incentives should be introduced in respect of solar being installed into new built homes and offices.

It will be interesting to see what response the above plan produces from all interested parties.

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