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Solar Farm Development Approved Close To Ilminster

Solar Century has had their proposal to develop a solar panel farm near to Ilminster approved by South Somerset District Council. It will become one if the biggest in the UK.

The solar panel farm is to be developed at a 50-acre site at Parsonage Barn that is in Stocklinch Road, Whitelackington. The site is a part of the Dillington Estate that runs alongside the A303.

Solar Panel Farm

There are already 3,000 solar panels at the location but the council have sanctioned a ten-fold increase to 31,200 solar panels.

Initially, Solar Century applied to increase the size of the development to 40,800 solar panels but their proposals had to be changed following people objecting to the huge increase in size as they felt that it may have a negative effect on both the landscape and also on wildlife.

Claire Hart, a campaigner, whilst supporting sustainable energy projects, is of the opinion that, rather than siting solar panel farms in the countryside they would be better located on brown field sites.

Solar Century made the comment about the increased number of solar panels at this location that there would not be any adverse impact to properties in the vicinity and that the local economy will benefit by “further diversifying a large agricultural estate which plays a significant role in the area.”

Ric Pallister who is the council leader made it clear that guidelines laid down by the Government had to be adhered to in relation to such developments and that, had the council declined the planning application, they would have lost any appeal and the decision would have been reversed.

In recent months we have seen several other solar panel farms being created that can only prove beneficial for the environment in future years. Let us hope that more of these farms are created in acceptable locations with as little adverse impact as possible to the local community.

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