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Solar Energy Savings – Lack Of Knowledge

Solar panels can save you £960 a year.

Recent research by The Green Home Company has revealed that approaching 5 million people that reside in the South East of England are unaware of the potential saving that solar panels could provide by reducing their energy bills.

Not only do the owners of properties add value to their home by installing solar panelling but the average saving is in excess of £830 per annum for each household.

There would appear to be a lack of understanding on the part of the general public about how solar panels work as around 50,000 property owners stated that the major reason why they have not had solar panels installed is due to their belief that a low supply of sunshine here in the UK will mean that the panels will not be as effective. In fact, solar panels actually perform effectively during all types of daylight weather conditions.

A staggering 500,000 people do not believe that solar panelling can provide any beneficial savings but three times that number who do feel that they can save money in this way think that they will only save between 6 and 10 per cent. In fact, it is claimed that savings of as much as 50 % can be achieved off energy bills following the installation of solar panels. Data produced by the energy industry reveal that £1,200 per annum is spent by the average home on energy bills and this figure is expected to increase in the coming years as energy companies increase prices as British Gas have just announced their increase.

The Green Home Company’s Managing Director John Benner stated: “Clearly, people really aren’t fully aware of just how easy it is to save money with solar panels.

“With energy bills predicted to increase dramatically over the next few years, people need to ensure they are armed with the correct information about how much money they can save as in the vast majority of cases, it’s significantly more than they might think.

“Solar panels are an effective way of combating rising utility costs and we encourage everyone to investigate their home’s potential today.”

It is estimated that the installation of solar panels can add up to £5,000 to a property’s value and that it takes around 8 years to recoup the purchase and installation costs of solar panels.

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