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Shed Of The Year 2013 Has Solar Power

Would you believe that there were 1,900 entrants throughout the UK for the Shed of the Year 2013 competition? Well, there were and the winning shed was quite outstanding.

The winner was a chap by the name of Alex Holland who comes from Machynlleth that is located not that many miles from Barmouth in Wales. The shed has actually been erected about 750 feet above sea level and was constructed from recycled items.

The roof has been made from a boat that has been recycled and turned upside down plus it has also been fitted with a 20w solar panel. This solar panel is capable of providing some power in the shed. The interior of this award winning shed houses a fridge, gas cooker, stereo system and a wood burning stove.

Obviously Mr Holland was thrilled to bits at having won the award especially bearing in mind there was so much competition. As a result, he has won a prize of £1,000 and guess what he is going to put the money towards? He has decided to invest in a second hand 12v 400w wind turbine that will be used to complement the solar panel. He hopes that the wind turbine will generate enough electricity to enable him to make ice using the fridge that he can then use when he makes himself a gin and tonic or wishes to keep any beers cold.

There were a number of judges of the competition that included Kevin McCloud and Sarah Beeny who have both appeared on TV in property programs. Apparently, about 14,000 people cast their votes for sheds in certain categories that were then placed into the final of the competition.

So, well done to Mr Holland for not only winning the Shed of the Year award for 2013 but also for his support of renewable energy for which he is to be highly commended.

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