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School Raises Funds To Install Solar Panels

How often do we hear in the press and on our TV screens about schools under-performing from an academic point of view, children being disruptive and that there is no community spirit anymore between many of our local schools and the surrounding neighbourhood.Well, it is lovely to hear when a school has something to be praised for and that is just what we are going to discuss now.

Solar photovoltaic panels have many potential benefits
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The education establishment in question is called Crossdale Drive Primary School and is located in Keyworth, Nottingham. They have recently been celebrating the fact that, through various activities and sources, they have raised £15,000 with these monies being utilised to install 40 solar photovoltaic panels on the roof of one of the school classrooms.

The money has been raised by staff, parents of the pupils and businesses and the solar panels have been installed on the roof of the classroom occupied by Year 2. The panels will hopefully help the school reduce their electricity bills, their carbon emissions will no doubt fall and the school will have played their part in helping the UK improve the environment.

The Solar Schools charity were involved in the project and some funds were raised at school events such as discos and the sale of cakes. Staff at the school and the parents of children made donations. Experian, that has an office in Nottingham, are a credit reference agency and they donated £5,000 of the amount raised.

The solar photovoltaic panels were installed by Evo Energy that very kindly donated an extra panel to be used for educational purposes at the school. The panels help produce enough electricity to provide power for 37 Xbox consoles or 350 Nintendo WIIs for an hour.

A special assembly was held at the school to celebrate the above achievement as well as inform the children why the school had solar panels installed and to explain the importance of saving electricity.

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