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Preservation Society Created To Oppose Solar Park

We are keen to provide a balanced view of public opinion about potential solar panel developments so we thought the following would be of interest to people.

A solar panel farm
(image credit: russf)

Residents of Kilmersdon, Charleston and areas close by have joined together to set up the Jack and Jill Hill Preservation Society to oppose the plans to develop a solar panel park. For those living in the locality, you may be interested to note that a public meeting is to take place on Tuesday 26th March 2013 at 7pm at the village hall in Kilmersdon with a view to discussing the proposed development. The society opposes such a development. No doubt the opinion of anyone attending the meeting will be most welcome.

Although no planning application has yet been submitted to the council’s planning department, people living in the locality have received correspondence from Pegasus Group who are a planning and development consultancy firm about the proposed development.

It is proposed that a solar park is built on two fields in the locality. Waterside Lane forms the northern boundary and Kilmersdon Road the western boundary of the proposed development. It is proposed that thousands of solar panels will be laid out in rows in these fields. The solar panels will have the capacity to produce anything up to 5.1 MW of electricity each year meaning that the development would be capable of providing sufficient electricity to power 1,200 homes.

Some people living in the locality are unhappy as they believe the development will not look good resulting in tourists avoiding the area. It is also claimed that the solar park will result in land being lost to wildlife and also it would no longer be able to be used for grazing. Concern has also been expressed about the influx of construction traffic whilst the solar park is being built.

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