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Plans To Create Another Solar Park In East Sussex

Susenco -the sustainable energy company wish to construct a solar park in East Sussex. Plans are in hand to build the 28-hectare solar panel farm at Bathbrooks Farm, Berwick.

Solar Panels
(image credit: Living Off Grid)

A representative of the company pointed out that the solar panels would be under 3 metres in height, would make no sound and none of the parts would move. It would be the intention to keep the solar farm in place for 27 years after which the land would be returned to complete agricultural use.

Later in 2013, Susenco intend to hold a public consultation to which everyone will be invited to attend at which, no doubt, people will be able to ask any questions.

Wealden District Council will be looking into the proposals to establish if there are likely to be any environmental issues with the suggested site of the solar panel farm with this being the planning procedure’s first stage. Apparently, the location was selected because the farmer had kept the hedges in a good condition meaning that most of the solar panels would not be visible. From a long distance away the solar panels will just look like a lake. Sheep would still be able to graze at the location.

Of course, the government has stringent targets to meet as far as carbon emissions are concerned and this latest development, if approved, would play its part in helping the country achieve this target. The company claim that it is more efficient to build a solar panel farm over such a large area as the solar panels can be better directed to capture the rays of the sun and it is more cost effective when compared with installing solar panels on the top of houses. This particular scheme will be able to produce the same amount of energy as 6,000 homes could do and save about 214,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the period the solar panels are in place.

We will continue to keep you updated as and when there are any developments.

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