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Percentage of Ground Mounted Solar Panel Installations Increase

Here in the UK, we cannot help but see the success of solar panel systems as they have been and continue to be installed across many rooftops on housing estates. This is no doubt going to continue as we strive to achieve our carbon emission targets.

The percentage of ground mounted solar panel systems has grown in comparison to roof mounted systems.

Perhaps, what is not so apparent is the huge volume of ground mounted solar panels that have been erected in recent years. It wasn’t until mid-way through 2010 that such installations started to take place. By the middle of the following year ground mounted solar panels accounted for about 30% of installations. By the beginning of 2014 they accounted for almost 50% of installations.

We are sure that you will agree this is a huge increase in the percentage of ground mounted solar panels and it will be interesting to monitor their progress. Apparently, it is likely that the % figure will exceed that of roof mounted solar panels shortly. This is interesting considering the occasions that we have mentioned about the likes of Sainsbury’s installing solar panels on the roofs of some of their buildings. Developments like theirs have no doubt had an impact.

Mind, thinking about it, there have been a lot of objections raised by communities to the siting of ground mounted solar photovoltaic arrays on agricultural land. On many occasions, they have raised an objection because they were felt to be unsightly. There are of course no doubt many solar arrays that are reasonably well hidden so why should people object to those.

Many years ago, some people took exception to industrial estates being built on the outskirts of towns. Nowadays, they seem to be more widely accepted. Is this likely to happen with solar panels that are installed at ground floor level?

Surely, if we are going to meet these carbon emission targets by 2020, there needs to be greater tolerance by more people to solar panels being erected on large solar farms across the UK.

As always, we welcome your thoughts.

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