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Pakistan Building Large Solar Park

Pakistan is not a country renowned for providing the most up to date facilities for all of its people with a significant number living in impoverished conditions. This could range from poor housing to dietary and hygiene issues.

A solar park is being built in Pakistan – Image credit: Andreas Demmelbauer.

Therefore, it is with great interest that we have heard that they are investing a substantial sum of money in developing a solar park that will provide badly needed increased power for some people. It is believed that only about 56% of the population living in Pakistan are currently connected to the national grid to receive electricity in this way which is a very low figure.

The country needs 16,000 megawatts of electricity to cope with the demand each day but, at the moment, is only able to provide 13,000 megawatts. The country is regrettably well known for suffering power cuts.

Apparently, the government is doing something about the electricity supply shortage and has invested around $5 million in the solar panel project. This is being built close to Bahawalpur in a desert. It is called the QuaideAzam Solar Energy Park and it is being forecast that up to 1,000 megawatts of electricity will be produced by it every day. The first phase of the solar panels project h is expected to be completed as quickly as by November 2014.

From the sound of things, it would appear that the above has the potential to make quite some difference to some of those people living in the province which is excellent news.

We are sure that you will agree these sorts of schemes need to be built elsewhere in the world to help those people in most need who often struggle to be provided with the most basic of requirements. Your thoughts on the above are very much welcomed as we value other people’s opinions on all sorts of solar panel schemes.

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