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Oak-Framed Solar Carports and Solar Gazebos

A business by the name of My Solar Port based in Hereford, Herefordshire design and manufacture oak-framed carports and gazebos that incorporate solar arrays. These are beautifully designed buildings that have so many uses.

Oak framed property
(image credit: jhartshorn)

You may need a carport to cover your electric car to protect it from much of the elements but would also like the facility to be able to charge up the vehicle. You may like a leisure area in your back garden incorporating a gazebo. You may want to install solar panels to provide a reasonable investment return by way of the feed in tariff and National Grid. All these things can be achieved and still benefit from a beautiful looking oak-framed structure.

They make a good alternative to having standard solar panels sitting on top of your roof. We recently commented on a company in Australia that are utilising solar tiles sometimes when they build a new home so this certainly seems to be something that is catching on.

The oak framed structures include a solar array that blends in nicely providing a streamlined roof design. They are made to measure and can be designed and constructed as either single or double carports. You can either erect one yourself or have one installed by contractors. The alternative to oak framed is to have one made of pine.

The company also design and build solar gazebos that can be used for a variety of purposes such as covering a hot tub, outdoor kitchen, children’s play area or an office. Again, they are available not only in oak but also pine.

It is estimated that the solar array of 3.04kWp is able to produce as much as anything up to 66 per cent of the electricity that a typical three bedroomed home will require over a period of a year.

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