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Numerous EU Members Against Probable Chinese Solar Panel Import Duties

There would appear to be increasing pressure mounting on the European Commission in relation to their probable imposition of import duties on manufacturers of solar panels in China in early June. Apparently, several governments within the EU are against this happening.

We have previously commented on Philipp Rösler who is Germany’s economic minister and Greg Barker who is Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change expressing their concerns at the action that looks likely to be taken. Now it is possible that a minimum of 14 of the 27 EU member countries are unhappy with this situation. Included in the 14 members are the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

Karel De Gucht is the European Commissioner for Trade
(image credit: Luc Van Braekel)

The duties are expected to commence around the 6th June 2013 and average 47%. However, if all parties can agree a compromise then the import duties that are being proposed could be stopped. Bearing in mind that China has sold around 21 billion euros of solar panels in the EU the situation could have far reaching consequences for all parties.

Apparently, the European Commission believe that China has been making representation to some countries within the EU no doubt trying to get those countries to influence the European Commission. The 6th June is fast approaching so it remains to be seen if certain member countries within the EU are able to influence a change in direction by Karel De Gucht who is the European Commissioner for Trade.

However, there are a number of EU countries that are in favour of the action proposed by Mr De Gucht including Italy and France. Some countries believe that it is not possible for China to have 80% of the EU market in the solar panel trade by legitimate means.

This apparent division between EU member countries cannot be a good thing for the European Union so the sooner the matter is resolved to all parties satisfaction the better.

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