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Motor Manufacturer Installs Largest Solar Panel Array In UK

Bentley Motors Ltd produce some of the finest hand built executive cars in the world from their factory in Crewe. Many of their vehicles are driven by members of royal families from around the world. The company can now lay claim to housing the biggest rooftop solar panel array in the United Kingdom – all 5MW of it. The installation was undertaken by Lightsource Renewable Energy.

A Bentley
(image credit: Madninja)

It is forecast that anything up to 40 per cent of the company’s energy requirements at their busiest time of the day will be met by the array that is made up of 20,000 modules. This will have a substantial financial benefit to the company as well as reducing CO2 emissions by as much as 2,500 tonnes per annum.

This installation is yet another of the large solar panel arrays that we have reported on in recent months taking place at other well known companies.

Michael Straughan, who is on Bentley Motor’s board representing manufacturing, made the observation that the roofs on the company’s plant located in Crewe dating back to the 1940s were ideal to have solar panels installed on them as they are angled at 20 degrees and are south facing.

Bentley Motors Ltd was actually one of the first plants in the car industry within the United Kingdom to be awarded the ISO 50001 so the installation of this solar panel array at their factory is another positive step. Michael Straughan pointed out that the company are extremely serious about having both a factory and products that are sustainable. They are regularly seeking out any possible ways to lower the level of carbon emissions and make things more energy efficient. The installation of this solar panel array will be a huge help in this respect and lead to improving the competitiveness, sustainability and efficiency of the manufacturing process.

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