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Most Popular Brands Of Solar Panels

As with most products, there are numerous manufacturers of solar panel systems that both residential and commercial premises owners decide to have installed on their properties here in the UK. Which? has recently carried out a survey to establish the ones that are owned by a larger percentage of people.

The survey was carried out online in May 2018 with 2,163 Which? members who owned solar panel systems. The full survey can be viewed via the Which? website by their members.

It was found that the brand that was most commonly owned was Sharp with 8% of members of Which? owning them. In second spot was Sanyo with 7% of Which? members taking part in the survey saying that he or she owned them. In next place were LG and Solarworld with 3% of Which? members taking part in the survey stating that they possessed such solar panel systems.

Do bear in mind that the most popular brands of solar panel systems owned by people are not always the best ones as, apparently, the survey discovered. Those of you who are members of Which? can find out which brands are felt to be the best ones through the website of Which?

The survey also looked at whether people who owned solar panel systems felt that they produced enough electricity and it was interesting to read that 66% of those taking part in the survey felt they did. When looking at how financially beneficial solar panel systems were, 62% of owners of solar panel systems felt that they were.

The survey also looked at how much people had paid for their solar panel systems over the years. Prior to 2015, for a 3.6kWp to 4kWp system, the average amount spent was £9,671. However, in the last three years, the average amount paid was £6,672. It is pleasing to see that the cost of purchasing such solar panel systems has fallen.

If you are considering purchasing a solar panel system then you will no doubt wish to carry out your own due diligence with a view to finding a system that meets your requirements. As part of that process you may find the above survey of benefit. Here at Solar Panels UK, we can arrange to put you in touch with a number of suppliers/fitters of solar panel systems here in the UK so why not get in touch with us.

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