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Logistics Company Significantly Increases Spend On Solar Panels

We continue to report on small, medium and large solar panel projects as both homeowners and business operators seek to play their part in helping the UK strive to achieve its renewable energy and carbon emission targets along with the rest of Europe and, indeed, the world.

A large solar panel project has been completed at Yearsley Logistics with an additional £1 million having been spent on solar panels. These latest installations have seen the frozen logistics company’s expenditure on renewable energy rise to a commendable £5 million.

Solar panel projects like this one continue to mushroom in the UK
(image credit: Dave Dugdale)

The solar panel installations have been completed at three more of their depots. The three locations are at Holmewood, Heywood and Hams Hall. The company have had installed a further 3,120 solar panels at these three sites with them being capable of producing 1,252,500 kilowatt hours every year.

These solar panels will play a significant part in the company’s energy use improving by 2015 by as much as 8% and, of course, a reduction in carbon emissions will be seen.

Yearsley Logistics now has solar panels installed at eight of its thirteen sites so these panels, as has been seen at a number of other businesses, will make a significant difference in the reliance the company has historically placed upon using electricity from the national grid. The company are also looking into making use of other forms of renewable energy such as power from the wind.

It was only last month that the company started to use urban trailers as well as standard trailers on a trial basis that, if successful, will be rolled out to other sites. Urban trailers are believed to be friendlier to the environment.

The company are supportive of renewable energy schemes as, during the last twelve months, it has had LED lights installed in their cold storage units that are more energy efficient.

We will continue to provide updates.

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