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Large Solar Power Plant Opening Postponed

A solar power plant close to Quarzazate in Morocco by the name of Noor-1 was scheduled to be opened a few days ago but this has been delayed. No reason has been given for the postponement.

Quarzazate in Morocco

What is particularly interesting about this solar power operation is that there are scheduled to be four phases to its construction in total with Noor-2 due to be built this year, Noor-3 to be constructed in 2017 and a date has yet to be announced for Noor-4. Once the plant is fully operational it is expected to be the largest such plant of its kind in the world. Of course, that is as long as no other solar power plant is built that exceeds the size of the one in Morocco in the meantime.

At the moment, the country is very dependent on importing energy in from other countries but it is hoped that by 2020 around 42% of its energy will come from renewable sources.

It is pleasing to note that, once fully completed, it is expected that the plant which will eventually cover an area of over 11 square miles, will generate around 580 megawatts of electricity that would be sufficient to supply about one million homes.

We have previously written about a number of other large solar power schemes being built in various countries and will continue to keep our readers updated. If renewable energy and carbon emission targets are to be achieved by 2020 around the world then it is important that such large projects are built as well as homeowners and business owners having solar panels either installed on the roofs of their premises or ground mounted in the likes of their gardens. Let us hope that there is not too much of a delay before the plant in Quarzazate is operational and generating renewable energy for people in Morocco.

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