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Is A Solar Panel Deal Near?

There has been so much written about the issues between China and the European Union over Chinese solar panel manufacturers selling panels in EU countries. As you will be aware, about six weeks ago the European Commission, against the wishes of many countries making up the European Union imposed a provisional import tariff on the above manufacturers in the hope that matters could be resolved to avoid even more punitive import tariffs being put in place in early August.

Karel De Gucht
(image credit: Luc Van Braekel)

Apparently, it is believed that a deal may be on the not too distant horizon between China and the European Union. This may mean that the higher import tariffs could be avoided that are scheduled to come into force on 6th August 2013. We have seen China retaliate with a threat of imposing duties on the export of wine from Europe.

It is thought that those involved in the negotiations are not too far off reaching an agreement over the minimum amount that solar panels emanating from China must be sold at to countries within the European Union together with Chinese imports receiving an annual quota.

Earlier this week, negotiators from China left Brussels to return to Beijing and it is now hoped that any remaining negotiations can be completed by phone. These calls are expected to take place between Karel De Gucht who is the European Union Trade Commissioner and Gao Hucheng who is the Chinese commerce minister.

Let us all hope that an amicable solution to this serious matter can be resolved so that all parties can look forward to trading in the solar panel sector with optimism rather than the unpleasant situation that we are all faced with at this present moment in time.

As always, we will look to keep you up to date with any significant developments. Your comments are welcomed.

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